CONTACT BIO is an innovative product, which contains raw materials of vegetable origin. Raw materials extracted from the agricultural exploitation (soybean) are used in its production. It is an ecological foam. It contributes implicitly to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and helps to fight against the greenhouse effect. It presents a high porosity cellular structure that provides exceptional levels of hygiene, comfort and durability. Here you can see its technical sheet.

Mattress perforation

One of the primary needs of the human body is to sleep well. The deeper and uninterrupted the rest, the greater the restorative and renewing effect of sleep. The cores play a fundamental role in comfort. To keep us in the optimum phase of rest, the mattress not only has to provide comfort and flexibility, but also a perfect temperature. In this case, cores with perforation represent an ideal solution to thermal and transpiration problems. A healthy ventilation, in addition, provides and guarantees a greater longevity to the mattress.

In Interplasp we have one of the best drilling technologies at national and international level. If you want to make an article with these characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us.

2SIDES Interplasp

Customize your mattress!

We are pleased to offer you, as a manufacturer, the possibility to customize the core of your mattresses, differentiating yourself in this way with respect to your competition. The advanced design of our cores allows the perfect adaptation to all kinds of uses with a series of characteristics that make them unique. Proof of this is our 2SideS model, composed of a core with sprung effect and flexible high density polyurethane foam for greater firmness. In addition, on both sides has a viscoelastic layer which make it be able to use it as you wish.

Interplasp 30PSV Espuma de poliuretano flexible vino

Our products

We all know the versatility of polyurethane foam. Many sectors use this raw material to produce their products. The rest sector may be one of those that most benefits from its advantages. Its wonderful properties make the products that carry it in its composition or structure provide comfort  and rest. After three decades of constant research and manufacturing, Interplasp has developed 5 ranges of this valuable material:

CONTACT PLUS – conventional foams available in different grades and densities.
CONTACT BIO – foams made with natural raw materials, of vegetable origin, extracted from the farm.
CONTACT HR – high-end foams that stand out for high resilience and durability. They are optimal for the rest sector since its structure is very light, with open cells, which ensures a perfect transpiration and elasticity.
CONTACT BS – foams subjected to fire behavior tests and have flame retardant characteristics.
CONTACT DREAM – high-quality, viscous-looking foams that distribute weight evenly and offer a zero-gravity feel.

If you want to know more about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The versatility of the polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is one of the most versatile raw materials out there. Thanks to the multitude of applications it offers, it is part of the daily lives of millions of people. We can find it in all kinds of articles and sectors. These are the areas where the most present is:

Whatever your industry, if you need a serious, competitive and reliable supplier of this great material, Interplasp will be happy to help you and to demonstrate that we strive every day to meet all expectations.

Success at the Interzum Fair

Last week, from 16 to 19 May, Interzum took place, the international fair for suppliers of the furniture industry. In Interplasp we didn’t want to lose the opportunity to show all the news in which we have been working recently. We moved to Cologne (Germany) with great enthusiasm and after many hours of preparation and organization. The fair was very successful. Around 1,732 exhibitors and 69,000 visitors (19% more than last year) from 152 countries attended this annual event. From our company, we value very positively the presence in the event, since we’ve been able to strengthen the international contacts and to create new commercial relations. We thank all those who visited us and for those who couldn’t go, we leave you some pictures.


Interzum 2017

We are pleased to inform you that we are going to participate in Interzum 2017, an international fair for suppliers in the furniture industry. It is a reference fair within the sector and will take place in the German city of Cologne, from 16 to 19 May 2017, on the premises of the fairground of the Cologne Exhibition Center.

The location of Interplasp:

Hall 11.1 Stand: F030 G039 

We wait for you with many surprises!

Contat HR flexible polyurethane foam

Contat HR flexible polyurethane foam is an innovative, high-end material that is the fruit of study and research aimed at achieving greater elasticity and, therefore, durability throughout its use. This polyurethane has a lightweight structure with open cells that ensures perfect transpiration and elasticity, optimal properties for the rest area. Its rigorous production process and quality control are faithful to our commitment to the environment. This product complies with the strict manufacturing standards regarding the care of nature, also providing a greater guarantee and safety regarding the non-harmfulness of this material.

Density: – ISO 845
C.L.D – ISO 3386
I.L.D – ISO 2439
Permanent Deformation 75% – ISO 1856
Resilience – ISO 8307
Traction Resistance – ISO 1798

Contact Bio flexible foam

One of the products that most characterizes our company is Contact Bio flexible foam. It’s a polyurethane foam containing natural plant origin raw materials, extracted from the farm. It is an innovative product that contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and helps in the fight against the greenhouse effect. Apart from being environmentally friendly, this polyurethane has a cell structure with high porosity that provides exceptional levels of hygiene, comfort and durability.

Density: – ISO 845
C.L.D – ISO 3386
I.L.D – ISO 2439
Permanent Deformation 75% – ISO 1856
Resilience – ISO 8307
Traction Resistance – ISO 1798