What are the uses of polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam (PU foam) is a very versatile material. Its open and elastic cell structures make it very resistant to oxidation and aging, especially if compared to rubber or latex foams. According to the additives and the manufacturing systems used, very different characteristics and foams for very different uses can be achieved.

Thanks to its diversity, it’s present in all aspects of daily life. In order to compare the different foams we usually use the density, but it only serves as a comparative element when we’re talking about foams with the same composition. Their uses are multiple; In some we look for the longest possible, in others the cheapest price, in others the breathability, the insulation capacity, the ease of profiling or shaping, the lightness, the rigidity, etc. The sectors that most use this raw material are:

  • Rest area: in mattresses as main filling or as part of quilts.
  • Furniture sector: in seats of sofas and chairs, padded fillers, etc.
  • Construction sector: as thermal insulation, acoustic absorbent, etc.
  • Automotive sector: in dashboards, seats, etc.
  • In many toys, sponges, shoes, pillows, clothing, packaging and in general all kind of fillings and quilting.