Past 14th October 2019, the Sheela Foam Group landed in the European continent, by the Interplasp’s hand.

Sheela is the main flexible polyurethane producer in India and also the main flexible polyurethane producer in Australia (Joyce), reached an agreement to obtain the major part of the Interplasp S.L. company stocks. This adquisition marks the beginning of a new phase for Interplasp, being part of one of the biggest worldwide groups into the foam market with Joyce and Sheela.

A unity that reinforces the Interplasp position in the European market.

The Sheela efforts, once the Interplasp sale is completed, are to boost and to obtain a very high level in the quality of their products, introducing themselves in new markets and growing the business volume.

The synergies that can come are extremely wide, starting with the Sheela’s R&D and innovation department, further inner refinements, the access to a wider number of resources, and the data sharing of the huge know-how that have developed during their long history Sheela, Joyce and Interplasp.

Mr. Rahul Gautam (Sheela Managing Director) wanted to highlight the marked family character that Interplasp has had during all this time ago, and that his intention is none other than to continue with all the good that a family business has (proximity, quick reaction and the search for long-term fidelity in the business relationship). With family character, beacause Sheela’s company, despite of its volume and its relevance in the polyurethane market, has a strong familiy character. Related to this will, the Interplasp direction and management does not change, being the same general directors whom remains at the forefront of the Spanish affiliate.

About Sheela group:

Company with more than 50 years in the sector, years in which has not stop growing and being a quality and confidence reference in the countries were is located.

Soon, the group will achieve the 100,000 tons of annual production. Counts nowadays with 18 facilities distributed throughout three continents. 

Any need or specification on the flexible polyurethane foam is covered by the wide range of references that the group has in its offer.

Sheela’s way of acting, and its footprint on the way of working are its identity hallmark; which they want to establish in Interplasp. This is no more than:

“Our wish to be recognized as:

  • An organization that leads in the quality of the products
  • Always practicing integrity, reliability, pro-activity and transparency values
  • With a smile to our costumers
  • And a strong commitment with the society” 

In the opinion of the Interplasp directive team, the biggest beneficiaries of this union can be our clients, since they will have at their disposal a wide range of products improved, an Innovation department that can give solutions to their needs and the quality that characterizes the Sheela Group.