Interplasp invests in solar energy with the support of the Regional Office of Enterprise, Industry and Spokesperson of the Region of Murcia

With the aim of promoting the generation and self-consumption of solar energy and encouraging the use of renewable energy by private companies, Interplasp has invested in a 300 kw photovoltaic installation. The installation is located on the gable roof of one of our industrial buildings in the municipality of Yecla. The energy generated will be consumed directly inside the building, avoiding the discharge to the network. This installation will operate under a zero discharge system that will be configured as follows:

  • Nominal power: 300 KW, defined by three inverters of 100 kW power each.
  • Peak power: 353.28 KWp, with 768 modules of 460 Wp each.
  • Type of grid connection: Isolated.

The system ensures NO INJECTION to the network. It is estimated a total annual production of 552,240 KWh, with an effective base annual production of 386,568 KWh.

This project has been partially subsidized by the Regional Office of Enterprise, Industry and Spokesperson of Murcia, according to what is established in the Order of December 28, 2015. This benefit is a regional call that seeks the promotion of renewable energies, as well as energy saving and efficiency in the Region of Murcia, and receives co-financing from the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), Within the ERDF 2014/2020 operational program. The total investment has been €252,651, being the financial support from the European Union €88,427.

This action reinforces Interplasp’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities.