Interplasp is the first company in the sector to receive Aenor’s verified CO2 Environment Certificate

In recognition of the company’s awareness and environmental policy, Interplasp has just received the CO2 Environment Certificate – Carbon Footprint – from Aenor, thus being the first company in the sector to obtain this certificate.

Interplasp works on the continuous improvement of quality systems and processes to create shared value by offering products that will contribute to people’s health and well-being with the least possible impact on our environment.

Based on this certificate, Interplasp has a strategic plan to gradually reduce CO2 emissions by reviewing all its supply, manufacturing and logistics processes, investing in each of them to achieve this reduction. In addition to all of the above, Interplasp has registered with the Ministry of Ecological Transition as an active company in the reduction and / or compensation of carbon dioxide emissions.

Interplasp renews the CertiPUR certificate for the next three years

Interplasp renews the CertiPUR certificate for the next three years. We are the only producers in the entire Iberian Peninsula with this certificate.

MThe CERTIPUR label is a voluntary standard for the environment and health properties of flexible polyurethane foams used in bedding and upholstered furniture applications. It specifies substances that may not be used in the production of PU foam and sets stringent maximum limits for hazardous components. 

In daily life, polyurethane foams are essential for comfort and used in a very broad variety of applications. Their unique performances must however be combined with a stringent standard when it comes to environment and health considerations. Downstream industry customers, final consumers and regulators legitimately expect proof of conformity of polyurethane foam with existing legislation but also with the latest scientific knowledge on substances used in formulations in order to minimize any impact on consumer’s health and the environment. 

CertiPUR meets these expectations through a clear commitment to avoid or limit strictly the presence of any potentially harmful substance in flexible polyurethane foams. In this approach it stays ahead of evolving EU legislation, such as the EC General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC, the REACH Regulation EC 1907/2006 or other relevant legislation. 

The CertiPUR label enables individual foam producers to reassure bedding and furniture manufacturers on environmental matters, allowing them to give customers and consumers confidence in certified polyurethane foams. 

Interplasp renews the STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX certificate

The range of flexible and memory foam polyurethane in colors manufactured by Interplasp meets the ecological-human requirements of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, according to the certification number 2015OK0117 obtained in 2015.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification is the world’s leading eco-label. These products have been evaluated and certified by internationally recognized institutes. With this certification, the consumer is assured that the products manufactured by Interplasp have been analyzed for substances that are harmful to health. In addition, our certification is in product class I, the most restrictive in terms of limits, whose Appendix 4 contains the established requirements for baby items.

In order to obtain an OEKO-TEX® certificate, the product is subjected to various tests, having to pass a long list of results where, in addition to the product itself, the requesting company, the quality guarantee and the production processes are analyzed.

The annual renewal of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate reinforces our commitment to responsible and sustainable production and consumption.

Interplasp with the health sector during the State of Alarm

Hospitals, nursing homes and the improvised IFEMA field hospital have been the main destinations of the medical equipment manufactured by Interplasp during the quarantine

Since the central government decreed the State of Alarm in early March due to the Covid-19 crisis, Interplasp has continued to manufacture and supply polyurethane foams to its clients in the health sector.

During these almost two months, a large part of the production has been applied to the manufacture of sanitary material. Different hospitals and nursing homes, as well as the improvised IFEMA field hospital in Madrid, have been the destination for thousands of mattresses and other products derived from the healthcare sector supplied by our clients.

In these exceptional moments at Interplasp we are very proud to have as clients companies made up of people committed to society.

Environmentally friendly technology

Interplasp has created different tools and processes to make its environmental policy a real practice.

Aware of the importance of respect and care for the environment, and sustainability, at Interplasp we carry out our business activity optimizing natural resources and minimizing their impact. We work on the continuous improvement of our quality systems and processes to create a shared value by offering products that will contribute to people’s health and well-being.


Past 14th October 2019, the Sheela Foam Group landed in the European continent, by the Interplasp’s hand.

Sheela is the main flexible polyurethane producer in India and also the main flexible polyurethane producer in Australia (Joyce), reached an agreement to obtain the major part of the Interplasp S.L. company stocks. This adquisition marks the beginning of a new phase for Interplasp, being part of one of the biggest worldwide groups into the foam market with Joyce and Sheela.

A unity that reinforces the Interplasp position in the European market.

The Sheela efforts, once the Interplasp sale is completed, are to boost and to obtain a very high level in the quality of their products, introducing themselves in new markets and growing the business volume.

The synergies that can come are extremely wide, starting with the Sheela’s R&D and innovation department, further inner refinements, the access to a wider number of resources, and the data sharing of the huge know-how that have developed during their long history Sheela, Joyce and Interplasp.

Mr. Rahul Gautam (Sheela Managing Director) wanted to highlight the marked family character that Interplasp has had during all this time ago, and that his intention is none other than to continue with all the good that a family business has (proximity, quick reaction and the search for long-term fidelity in the business relationship). With family character, beacause Sheela’s company, despite of its volume and its relevance in the polyurethane market, has a strong familiy character. Related to this will, the Interplasp direction and management does not change, being the same general directors whom remains at the forefront of the Spanish affiliate.

About Sheela group:

Company with more than 50 years in the sector, years in which has not stop growing and being a quality and confidence reference in the countries were is located.

Soon, the group will achieve the 100,000 tons of annual production. Counts nowadays with 18 facilities distributed throughout three continents. 

Any need or specification on the flexible polyurethane foam is covered by the wide range of references that the group has in its offer.

Sheela’s way of acting, and its footprint on the way of working are its identity hallmark; which they want to establish in Interplasp. This is no more than:

“Our wish to be recognized as:

  • An organization that leads in the quality of the products
  • Always practicing integrity, reliability, pro-activity and transparency values
  • With a smile to our costumers
  • And a strong commitment with the society” 

In the opinion of the Interplasp directive team, the biggest beneficiaries of this union can be our clients, since they will have at their disposal a wide range of products improved, an Innovation department that can give solutions to their needs and the quality that characterizes the Sheela Group.

Interplasp will attend the annual conference of EUROPUR in Lisbon

The management team of Interplasp will attend the annual conference of EUROPUR and EURO-MOLDERS that will take place in Lisbon on 12 and 13 June at the Pestana Palace hotel, a national monument of Portugal.

The market report of the flexible foam industry, the discussions on the circular economy, the recycling of post-consumer foams and the regulatory problems affecting the flexible PU foam industry in Europe and North America will be the general issues to be discussed in the days to be held in the neighboring country next June.

Interplasp in Interzum 2019

From May 21 to 24 Interplasp will be present, one more edition, at Interzum 2019 the international fair of furniture and decoration suppliers. The exhibition is held in Cologne, Germany, and is considered the leading trade fair in the sector worldwide.

Interzum, which will take place at the Cologne Exhibition Center, is an essential event to showcase the innovations we have recently worked on, to strengthen international contacts and to create new business relationships.

Location Interplasp Interzum 2019 | Hall 11 – Stands G-040 / H-049.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection plays a fundamental and priority role for Interplasp. Thanks to innovation and our environmental program, we have managed to ensure sustainability without sacrificing production capacity.
We are especially proud of the fact that we do not emit polluting gases, such as methylene chloride or CO2, into the atmosphere. We have the technology (VPF) that helps us to carry out the entire manufacturing process in an isolated (encapsulated) way. All gases generated during foam formation are cleaned by active carbon filters before being released. In this way we guarantee the conservation of the environment and, also, the health of our team.
In addition, in all areas of the company we strive to optimize the energy and resources and be the most respectful of the environment that surrounds us.

Happy Holidays!

Interplasp team wishes you Happy Holidays and a successful New Year!