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Flexible polyurethane foam

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Interplasp currently produces five types of flexible foams, which offer a wide range of densities, according to the customers needs.

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Flexible polyurethane foam which contains natural raw materials of vegetable origin extracted from the agricultural farm. It contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and to help in the fight against the greenhouse effect.


Technical specifications:


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High end flexible polyurethane foam. Distinguished by a high resilience and durability. Its rigorous manufacturing process and quality control provides a lightweight open-cell structure that ensures perfect breathability and elasticity, acquiring optimum properties for the rest sector.interior contact hr en jpg

Technical specifications:


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Flexible polyurethane foam which consists of a new slimy feel high quality flexible polyurethane material. It distributes weight evenly providing a balanced rest for each part of the body and managing to recreate a zero gravity feeling.


Technical specifications:


Conventional flexible polyurethane foam. It’s noted for its producing in different qualities and densities and for having place to multiple markets and many applications.

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Technical specifications:

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Flexible polyurethane foam with a rigorous system of production and control of all property that achieves a certain degree of comfort. In addition, this material has been subjected to tests of fire behavior, which gives it fire retardant properties.


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