The business decisions we make on a daily basis, are guided by the imperative need to safeguard our environment and protect the natural resources

Every day we dedicate ourselves to reducing waste at its source, minimizing our Carbon Footprint and driving research forward to develop more sustainable foam with recycled polyols


that acknowledge our commitment
Seal granted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, certifying the 20% reduction of our Carbon Footprint over the past 3 years
Seal that certifies the veracity of the calculation of the set of Greenhouse Gas emissions generated by our products throughout their life cycle
This seal guarantees that the foam we manufacture meets the strict CertiPUR requirements for components and manufacturing methods
Seal that certifies the good management of waste generated by our products, avoiding its deposit in landfills
This is the most widely used ecological label in the world to guarantee that labeled textile products have been analyzed for more than 300 harmful substances.


VPF technology, our greatest ally

We have developed and integrated various tools and processes to turn our environmental policy into a tangible reality

Variable Pressure Foaming

VPF technology facilitates the manufacturing process through controlled pressure in a sealed reactor, allowing to avoid the use of foaming agents and other raw materials harmful to the environment and people.

environmentally sustainable

This technology means less water consumption, in addition to the emission of zero waste and zero harmful gases. On the other hand, we can also incorporate recycled polyols in our production

0% harmful

The reactor is equipped with activate carbon filters that capture harmful particles from the gases generated during the manufacturing process. This notably reduces their impact on the atmosphere

Controlled pressure, formulations and raw materials

Thanks to the controlled pressure in the sealed reactor, we can eliminate foaming agents and other harmful raw materials, while replicating exact formulations that speed up production.

We have reduced 32% of our Carbon Emissions over the past 2 years
We do not utilize methylene chloride in the manufacturing of our foams


made with recycled polyols

We produce conventional polyurethane foams from recycled polyols


When a mattress reaches the end of its useful life, it is deposited at a recycling center


A specialized waste manager separates the mattresses into their basic components


The polyurethane foam undergoes a chemical process, resulting in recycled polyol


Polyurethane foam is remanufactured using recycled polyol


This polyurethane foam will be used to manufacture new mattresses and other furniture



Our primary goal

Our innovative manufacturing process enables us to produce polyurethane foams under strict control of chemical usage, which has a positive impact on the health of our workers and the end users of our products

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