Cepyme500 Project

At Interplasp we are very happy to announce that we have been chosen by Cepyme for its selective program “Cepyme500”. We are on the list of the 500 fastest growing Spanish companies; companies that stand out for their results, their ability to generate value added, employment, innovation and international projection.

The main objective of this project is to grant the selected companies the recognition and the national and international projection that they deserve. It offers support in areas such as promotion, networking, innovation, financing, digitalization or internationalization. Companies will benefit from an innovative digital platform that will provide high added value services and provide greater visibility, which will boost their growth and facilitate their efficient adaptation to the demands of the markets.

Mattress perforation

One of the primary needs of the human body is to sleep well. The deeper and uninterrupted the rest, the greater the restorative and renewing effect of sleep. The cores play a fundamental role in comfort. To keep us in the optimum phase of rest, the mattress not only has to provide comfort and flexibility, but also a perfect temperature. In this case, cores with perforation represent an ideal solution to thermal and transpiration problems. A healthy ventilation, in addition, provides and guarantees a greater longevity to the mattress.

In Interplasp we have one of the best drilling technologies at national and international level. If you want to make an article with these characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us.