Interplasp invests in solar energy with the support of the Regional Office of Enterprise, Industry and Spokesperson of the Region of Murcia

With the aim of promoting the generation and self-consumption of solar energy and encouraging the use of renewable energy by private companies, Interplasp has invested in a 300 kw photovoltaic installation. The installation is located on the gable roof of one of our industrial buildings in the municipality of Yecla. The energy generated will be consumed directly inside the building, avoiding the discharge to the network. This installation will operate under a zero discharge system that will be configured as follows:

  • Nominal power: 300 KW, defined by three inverters of 100 kW power each.
  • Peak power: 353.28 KWp, with 768 modules of 460 Wp each.
  • Type of grid connection: Isolated.

The system ensures NO INJECTION to the network. It is estimated a total annual production of 552,240 KWh, with an effective base annual production of 386,568 KWh.

This project has been partially subsidized by the Regional Office of Enterprise, Industry and Spokesperson of Murcia, according to what is established in the Order of December 28, 2015. This benefit is a regional call that seeks the promotion of renewable energies, as well as energy saving and efficiency in the Region of Murcia, and receives co-financing from the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), Within the ERDF 2014/2020 operational program. The total investment has been €252,651, being the financial support from the European Union €88,427.

This action reinforces Interplasp’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Research and development promotion program

We want you to know us!

In Interplasp we want you to know us and trust us. We are a team obsessed with continuous improvement and committed to the goals of our customers. If you still don’t know our history and our values well, do not hesitate to see this catalog where our essence is captured. It will surprise you!

Environmental protection

Environmental protection plays a fundamental and priority role for Interplasp. Thanks to innovation and our environmental program, we have managed to ensure sustainability without sacrificing production capacity.
We are especially proud of the fact that we do not emit polluting gases, such as methylene chloride or CO2, into the atmosphere. We have the technology (VPF) that helps us to carry out the entire manufacturing process in an isolated (encapsulated) way. All gases generated during foam formation are cleaned by active carbon filters before being released. In this way we guarantee the conservation of the environment and, also, the health of our team.
In addition, in all areas of the company we strive to optimize the energy and resources and be the most respectful of the environment that surrounds us.

Cepyme500 Project

At Interplasp we are very happy to announce that we have been chosen by Cepyme for its selective program “Cepyme500”. We are on the list of the 500 fastest growing Spanish companies; companies that stand out for their results, their ability to generate value added, employment, innovation and international projection.

The main objective of this project is to grant the selected companies the recognition and the national and international projection that they deserve. It offers support in areas such as promotion, networking, innovation, financing, digitalization or internationalization. Companies will benefit from an innovative digital platform that will provide high added value services and provide greater visibility, which will boost their growth and facilitate their efficient adaptation to the demands of the markets.

Interplasp 30PSV Espuma de poliuretano flexible vino

Our products

We all know the versatility of polyurethane foam. Many sectors use this raw material to produce their products. The rest sector may be one of those that most benefits from its advantages. Its wonderful properties make the products that carry it in its composition or structure provide comfort  and rest. After three decades of constant research and manufacturing, Interplasp has developed 5 ranges of this valuable material:

CONTACT PLUS – conventional foams available in different grades and densities.
CONTACT BIO – foams made with natural raw materials, of vegetable origin, extracted from the farm.
CONTACT HR – high-end foams that stand out for high resilience and durability. They are optimal for the rest sector since its structure is very light, with open cells, which ensures a perfect transpiration and elasticity.
CONTACT BS – foams subjected to fire behavior tests and have flame retardant characteristics.
CONTACT DREAM – high-quality, viscous-looking foams that distribute weight evenly and offer a zero-gravity feel.

If you want to know more about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Come and meet us!

Would you like to know us better and see how we work? Request a guided tour of our facilities! We will show you the whole manufacturing process and inform you in detail about the products that might interest you. You will be surprised by our high level of technology, our corporate policy and proven management effectiveness. We are waiting for you!

Who are we?

Interplasp is a Spanish company located in the town of Yecla (province of Murcia), leader in the manufacture and commercialization of flexible polyurethane foam. Our almost 30 years experience allows us to offer a service and a personalized product, oriented exclusively to maximize the benefit of our clients. Our main priorities are innovation and sustainability in every way. We continuously strive to improve all aspects of our activity and our environmental, social and economic environment. In the following video you will see our facilities and the technology that has helped us to evolve and position ourselves as a worldwide reference.


Success at the Interzum Fair

Last week, from 16 to 19 May, Interzum took place, the international fair for suppliers of the furniture industry. In Interplasp we didn’t want to lose the opportunity to show all the news in which we have been working recently. We moved to Cologne (Germany) with great enthusiasm and after many hours of preparation and organization. The fair was very successful. Around 1,732 exhibitors and 69,000 visitors (19% more than last year) from 152 countries attended this annual event. From our company, we value very positively the presence in the event, since we’ve been able to strengthen the international contacts and to create new commercial relations. We thank all those who visited us and for those who couldn’t go, we leave you some pictures.


Interplasp in Interzum

In ten days begins a new edition of the International Fair Interzum and, as we advised a few weeks ago, Interplasp will participate with its stand F030 G039 in the hall 11.1. of the Cologne Exhibition Center. We look forward to showing you all the news and surprises we have prepared for the occasion. You cannot miss! We’ll be waiting for you from the 16th to the 19th of May. Welcome!